by The Trinkets

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released April 16, 2016

Written and performed by The Trinkets
Guitar, vocals and lyrics by Zach Hernandez
Bass and vocals by Willy Anderson
Guitar and vocals by Cody Ramirez
Drums by Andy Lee

Recorded on the Lee Farm in Watoga, West Virginia
Engineered by Andy Lee
Cover art by Cody Ramirez
Special thanks to Ann Manning Cutchin & Harry Herskowitz
Special thanks to Travis Brothers & Brian Guerrero


tags: pop Richmond


all rights reserved


The Trinkets Richmond, Virginia

solo recordings played live:

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Track Name: Spine
no sleep
thoughts brewing through your mind
no peace
kettle screams and steams

don't send it up back through my spine
don't send it up back through my spine

sweet tea
you're an honest boy
hot tea
you're a stubborn boy

don't send it up back through my spine
don't send it up back through my spine
Track Name: F-18
jet noise shaking in my head on shore
navy pilot in his iron clad sword
heard it humming buzzing over the sea
saw it tilting as it left the scene it

don't remember that day though
do recall the machine though
can't remember which beach though
do recall the scene though

i was smoking but hopped out of the gun
five families all away from home
stood next to me as the bricks burned down
saw it tilting sticking out of the ground it

they'll remember my name though
they'll remember my face now
can't remember that day though
can't recall the machine now

why'd you have to save me
i was ready to go though
everybody was safe though
everybody is safe now
Track Name: Invisible Hand
can you touch me with your invisible hand
can you let me in on the master plan
gotta know now if i have a place to stand
gotta know now cuz my den got canned again

have i proven i'm human
you know I'm doing the best i can
is this hand an illusion
think i see it making plans

think i see that's a big hand
think i see it reaching for the jar again
i can feel the crumbs falling in my hair
guess i gotta wait for it to rain again

and it shines, glows
white light secrets

please let the drought end
Track Name: Ghost Crab
crawling back home to try to sleep again
a kid kicked sand and caused an avalanche
the deeper that you go
the longer that you know

that you're already alone

crawling back out to feel the breeze again
feels so good to see your friends again
but the more crabs that you know
the more that you know

that you're already alone

the ghost crabs claws were made to see again
you have to crawl out to see the light again
the more sand in your home
the more sand in your skull

cuz you're already alone

pinch me
i think i'm dreaming